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Rylie Roberts

Writing happily...One ever after at a time.
Chasing Happy

Texas Forever Novel #1

Lara Hunter’s life is finally headed in the right direction. With a good education, a great new job, and her dear best friend, Kade, by her side, nothing can get in her way until a freak rain storm leaves her sprawled across the road in the middle of a busy intersection during rush hour traffic.

Reed Prescott rakes in millions on business deals every day. He’s driven and hard-edged and his life is quite complicated enough before a silly little girl in outrageous high heels bites it in front of his moving vehicle. With no other choices, he forces her out of the pouring rain and inside his car. His concern isn’t necessarily with her safety, but to ward off any potential lawsuit.

While Lara’s not entirely sure she appreciates Reed’s high-handed helpfulness, Reed’s whole world is rocked by the honesty and genuineness of the captivating beauty underneath that soggy exterior. Reed’s success in business has always been fueled by hate for his dysfunctional birth family, so when the potential for love stands in front of him, can this hardened man find a way to chase after happy?

Acting Happy
Texas Desires #2 


Ty Bateman isn’t as bad as the tabloids say, but being virtually imprisoned behind the windowless walls of his home to avoid the clicking cameras of a life of extreme celebrity will turn anyone jaded and distrustful. Needing a break from his tainted reality, he decides his secluded mountain cabin is the perfect place for an extended vacation from the madness. Rejuvenating his soul and making decisions about his future are his top priorities until he spots a blonde beauty in short-shorts carrying groceries out of the only store in town. 

Kenzie Stanton learned the hard way that rainbows and fairy tales don’t exist. She swears if she ever gets back on her feet, and out of the hot water her ex landed her in, she’ll embrace a new life that’s relationship-free. When a tall, handsome man with sexy eyes and a smoking-hot body shows up in her family’s store, she has no trouble ignoring him…until his kindness and genuine nature truly test her resolve. 

Kenzie and Ty are both hiding out in the mountains…for very different reason. But reality will only wait so long before it knocks on their doors. Even if Ty can break through Kenzie’s barriers, he’s not entirely sure his hurt beauty can withstand the mental brutality of being in the celebrity spotlight. For these two damaged souls, does the possibility of failure weigh to heavily to seek more from life than acting happy? 

Writing Happily... One ever after at a time.

A decorated war hero and top-ranked Navy SEAL sniper, Connor McDaniel spends more time in combat than most. Phrases like ‘good versus evil,’ ‘right or wrong,’ and ‘God and country’ guide his every decision. When on a training assignment in a foreign land, Connor makes one faulty step, triggering an international political firestorm. Though he stands by his decision and has the support of his commander, ultimately, the country he has served with distinctiondistinguishably served has no choice, but to bench him—permanently.

Award winning superstar, Julia Holly, seemed to have it all. With several number-one blockbuster films, a few first-place beauty pageant ribbons, and the coveted all-time best Scream Queen trophy on her shelf, she easily conquered Hollywood. The only complication in her otherwise perfect life is the onetime brief encounter with the hot military man of her dreams, who didn’t pay her even the smallest amount of attention. When a chance meeting puts Connor McDaniel back in her path, she gives no hesitation in making a second introduction.

While Connor’s sole focus rests on sidestepping the political landmines that threaten his career, an auburn-haired angel appears out of nowhere, making him believe life can go on without the military. Yet, navigating the minefield of civilian life can be tricky. Does Connor dare believe in fairy-tales or will his heart and his dreams get caught in the crossfire

Mission Happy

Texas Forever Novel #3


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